Which blockchains does Fazzme support?

Our platform supports Polygon blockchain, previously known as Matic Network, which is a secondary scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Polygon provides a framework for developers to build decentralized apps (dApps) that brings scalability and speed while still benefiting from Ethereum’s security, low transaction fees and interoperability.

How is Polygon different from Ethereum?

While Ethereum is a layer 1 solution,  Polygon is a layer 2 solution, which means it is a piece of software that works on top of other existing blockchains. Since Ethereum has become slower and more expensive to use due to its growing client base, using Polygon allows near-instant scalability and a better UX by taking transaction volume off layer 1.

Why use Polygon?

Polygon is great if you already have a Dapp looking to Migrate from Ethereum chain, as long as it is EVM compatible!

Polygon acts as a faster transaction layer if you are looking to deploy a dApp and is a lot less expensive than other networks.

At FazzMe, we use Polygon to provide a gas-free marketplace so our clients can create, buy and sell NFTS without paying any transaction fees!

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