How do I create a FazzMe account?

This guide will help you open and set up your account on FazzMe in order to start buying or selling your NFTs with no minting fees.

1) Signing up
On browser

If you wish to use the platform on a browser, simply go to and create your account. To create an account, you have the option to sign up with your Email or with your Facebook account.


If you wish to download the application on your Iphone, open on Safari, then press the share button at the bottom menu and select “Add to Home Screen” to download the App. You will be able to name the app as you wish, press “Add” once you’re finished.

On Android

First, open on Chrome. Once there, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and select “Add to home screen”. You will be able to name the app as you wish, press “Add” once you’re finished.

When you arrive on the platform, you can immediately start browsing, liking, and commenting on NFTs. You can also engage with your favorite artists and enjoy it like any social media platform. To read more about FazzMe’s social media features that make us special, click Here.

2) Setting up your Wallet

To start buying NFTs you will have to purchase Cointiks, our platform’s unique currency. To learn more about its full functions and on how to earn them, click Here.

To add Cointiks to your wallet, press the coin icon at the bottom menu to purchase Cointiks.

Enter the amount of Cointiks you wish to buy (minimum being 50 Cointiks, or 0.01$ in US dollars) and press continue to checkout with your credit card.

You are all set now! You can begin to create your first NFT with zero minting fees! Read how Here.

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