Social media features we love about FazzMe

1) Post content with various editing tools

After signing up, you will be able to post pictures and videos using trending editing tools  such as face effects, stickers, filters, speed and audio mixing all on one platform!  Enjoy a wide range of features from apps like Snapchat, tiktok, instagram, etc. and many more while also having the possibility to make a profit from it.

2) Share with friends

Share your creations across your other networks with the click of a button to brag to your friends, build your recognition and increase exposure to new opportunities

3) Chat in real-time

Unlike traditional marketplaces, you will be able to chat with other creators in real time with our in-app messaging feature. Send images, GIFS, videos, locations, contacts and transfer Cointiks in chats. Build a connection and engage with your audience. Ask questions and negotiate your transactions. 

4) Promote your content with in app ads 

Exploit the Cointiks system and promote your NFTs to target and reach a bigger audience. Gain impressions and exposure to get your work recognized by others. 

5) Go live and engage with your audience 

Are you an influencer? Go live to inform your audience of your latest and upcoming drops. Answer their questions and build a relationship with them. 

6) Participate in fun monthly challenges

Monthly themed challenge. Win Cointiks and the possibility of having your work displayed at the top of our feed. 

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