What are cointiks and how to use them?

Cointiks are a currency exclusive to FazzMe that can be purchased, used and earned on FazzMe by performing certain actions.

How to use them?

Profits from NFT sales will be returned to FazzMe users in the form of Cointiks. There will be the option to cash out in the form of TBD..

They can also be used to support your favorite creators by sending them digital gifts, buy NFTs on the app, buy from merchant stores, and bring them to other NFT markets. And more?

How to earn Cointiks?

There is the possibility to earn Cointiks for free by being proactive on the app such as sharing, commenting and liking NFTs. There will also be rewards for participating in our monthly challenges and for the winners. 

How to purchase Cointiks

To start buying NFTs you will have to purchase Cointiks, our platform’s unique currency. 

To add Cointiks to your wallet, press the coin icon at the bottom menu to purchase Cointiks.

Enter the amount of Cointiks you wish to buy (minimum being 50 Cointiks, or 0.01$ in US dollars) and press continue to checkout with your credit card.

You are all set now! You can begin to create your first NFT with zero minting fees! Read how Here.

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