Create NFTs for free on FazzMe

On FazzMe, we want to allow everyone to create NFTs as simple and cheap as possible compared to other platforms like Opensea that require you to have an external wallet and to pay hidden fees when creating your first NFT. You do not need to spend any money to create NFTs on FazzMe, it is totally free. To maintain a quality service for every user, FazzMe charges 2% of every transaction at the purchase of an NFT.

First, open and sign-in into your FazzMe account. If you do not have an account, you can read the following Here that will guide you through signing up to FazzMe. Once connected, you can upload any picture or video file to the platform by clicking the + symbol in the tab bar on the bottom. 

Once you’ve entered the name, description and price of your file and click on continue, it will automatically share your content to every user on the platform. And just like that, you’ve just created your first post on FazzMe! Once your content is sold, it becomes an NFT and can be sold back at any price or moved to any other platforms via a cryptocurrency wallet for any purpose. 

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